How to Make Your Own Matte Lipstick!

How to Make Your Own Matte Lipstick!

July 7, 2016

Fast, Cheap and Easy Way to Make Your Own Lipsticks!

With all these awesome lipsticks that are coming out, the more that got us thinking about our wallet! Not everyone can afford all these brand new beautiful lipsticks hitting the market so why not try making our own! Here is the fast, cheap and easy way to make your own lipstick.

We found this awesome youtube tutorial by Natalies Outlet where she shares her trick, its super easy to do!

Rosey Profusion Palette

Rosey Profusion Palette

First find a eyeshadow palette that you will be removing the eyeshadow color from, a good tip is to find an already pigminted color so you can make sure your lipstick is outputs a higher quality of color. Natalie chose this palette, Profusion Rosey Palette


Mix all your ingredients together

Add in the liquid foundation, eyeshadow, coconut oil, and vitamin e into the smaller container. Mix until you get a lipstick like thickness. And voila, your own matte lipstick!


Combinations of different DIY lipsticks

Here are some great high pigmented lipsticks you can make! Watch Natalie’s video below to get the full directions.


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